21. January 2021

Illusion House

Pilot project of 3D “Trick Art” paintings.

A project in which I created 3D illusions based on a thematic interface. It is a set of images compiled so that a person can become part of the optical illusion of the so-called Trick Art. When creating the designs, we used high-quality acrylic spray paints with high color fastness and a highly-resistant varnish for the painting surface, which will be regularly mechanically stressed.

Each design is original and fulfills the purpose of Trick Art painting, of which you become a part and the visitor can use more compositions of this illusion.

The project involved several artists in transferring the graphic design to the wall and assembling the bottom surface of the painting.

One of the main co-creators of Trick Art paintings is an artist working under the pseudonym Dekor from Poprad. He has been active in the field of graffiti subculture for a long time and has created dozens of different works. He used his many years of experience in creating these 3D paintings. Today, he continues to devote himself to art in its various forms.

We created a total of seven optical illusions in one month. Each Trick Art painting has a detailed design to look as believable as possible for the eye of the viewer. The optical illusions we have created are part of the attractions of Illusion House in Zakopane, Poland.